All of our Commercial Driving Programs for Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 licenses are fully-certified and recognized courses that equip you for an exciting and rewarding career that is continuously in demand and in the quickest time possible with the

You will graduate from our programs with more than just an upgraded license – you will have all the knowledge and technical skill necessary to quickly obtain a challenging and rewarding job.

You can learn to drive practically anywhere. At Fiddler Industry Driving Solutions, we’ll teach you to be a driver in demand!


Class 1 MELT (in conjunction with GoTeam Professional Training)


142 Hours Total Training-Time
62 In-cab Hours, 32 Yard Hours, 48 hrs In-class Theory
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Class 3 Training Packages


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Training Hours Air Brake Course Included Certification Courses Number of Lessons Total Cost
24 Yes Yes 12 $3,000
32 Yes Yes  16 $4,000

Additional Information

  • All Class 3 Driver Training Packages include use of our vehicle for the road test.
  • Class 3 Driver Training Sessions consist of approximately a 2-hour lesson, with the exception of the road test, which is 3-hours in length: 1 hour reserved for a warm-up prior to the test, and then 2 hours for the test itself.
  • Class 3 Pre-requisites are as follows:
    • 19 Years of age or older
    • A full-privilege BC Driver’s License (Class 5/6 or an out-of-province equivalent)
    • A valid Class 1 Learner’s permit with air brake endorsement

    All Commercial Driver Training Packages are eligible to receive a complimentary Air Brake Course and up to 52 various certification courses, including but not limited to: TDG, WHMIS, Practical Cargo Securement, Defensive Driving, Fire Safety, HOS/logbooks, Fuel-efficient Driving  & Lift Truck Operator Certification.

  • In addition to all of these benefits, all Driver Training Packages are eligible for our customized payment plans to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today to qualify for an individualized payment plan to enable you to fulfill your Driver Training needs now!

Financing Options

We do have some flexible financing options available in-house. Additionally, various non-profit organizations throughout British Columbia offer sponsorship for vocational training. Feel free to contact us by phone or come by and see us and we will be happy to help you find a reasonable solution to making your dream career a reality!